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A student aiming for a top University, conservatively spends as below:

Coaching Class/ Test Prep 40,000 (not needed if you are self-motivated!)
Exam (SAT/GRE/TOEFL etc) 25,000 (if you take it only once)
Univ Applications fees 35,000 (for only 6 Universities)
Visa costs 20,000 (Approximated across destination countries)
Education Consultant 30,000 (College selection/Review of Essay/SOP etc)
Total 1.5 lakhs Spent with no guarantee of scholarship to cover tuition costs

Our annual subscription at Rs.9750, is 6.5% of this outlay

Save Rs.30,000 as our platform-driven tools replace your consultant.

A chance to win a significant open and transparent scholarship upto Rs.30 lakhs.

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Better bank loans from our International partners are offered to subscribers who get admission to the top Universities

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