How does this work?

Take a look at this , which should be self-explanatory.

Is this open to all students?

Meritlane has two programs – the Undergraduate (UG) prep program and the Post-Graduate (PG) prep program. UG is open to high school students in Class XI and XII (Grade 11/12 or Junior College – First year/Second year students). PG is open to students who have completed Year 2 of their Graduate program at any College or University in India.

Are there any eligibility criteria?

Yes. To register on Meritlane, you need to be an Indian citizen and currently enrolled in a course of study, aiming to proceed with your higher education plans upon completion.

What is Uni-Match?

Uni-Match is a match-making algorithm, which crunches roughly 50 pieces of data, that we gather from you as a User and then presents 12 courses/colleges that best fit your profile. It is only meant to be used as an indicator and is not meant to be definitive in any manner, as your final admission choices may change as time progresses.

What is the Leaderboard?

The leaderboard is a representation of where you as a User stand ranked, using your Merit Index Score (MIS). The MIS is used to calibrate and place users on a ladder using a proprietary scoring system developed by us. MIS takes numerous aspects of a User’s achievements into consideration and is a holistic measure of your journey as a student. The top 100 students on the Leaderboard (across both UG and PG programs) are considered for Merit Scholarships from Meritlane.

Why should I subscribe?

The program offers resources, tools, tips and helps you prepare for your future at a top University. Most importantly, only users subscribed to our Inside Track, have access to our Financial Aid, in the form of Scholarships, Grants and Loans.

What do you mean by student financing or financial aid?

Financial aid is usually a mix of scholarships, grants and loans. Scholarships refer to funds provided by Meritlane or by the Universities, recognizing some achievements by a student. Grants refer to funds provided by specific companies or sponsors, in some cases with certain terms and conditions presented to the student. Loans are funds, which are provided by financial partners, which carry interest and require to be repaid over a defined term.

How much do you offer in terms of scholarships?

Meritlane will offer 100 combined scholarships to students who top the Leaderboard in both the UG and PG program, who secure admission to the top 100 Universities in the World. The maximum value of a scholarship is capped at Rs.30 lakhs and is one-time only. Please see Terms for more information.

What are the other sources of funding that you offer?

Meritlane will offer users access to additional funding via corporate grants, crowd-funding efforts and loans.

What type of education programs do you support?

We support all Graduate and Post-Graduate programs and do not make any decisions based on the course being pursued. At this stage, we do not support short-term courses, certificate courses, doctoral programs etc.

When will the scholarship actually be provided?

Scholarships to eligible candidates will be provided upon receipt of confirmation of your admission at our end; this includes both offer letter and acceptance letter. Extensive due diligence will be conducted for all eligible candidates to verify authenticity of all documents presented. Please check out Terms for more information.

How will you disburse the Scholarship?

Meritlane will provide scholarships against tuition costs, directly to the account of the University/College. In no event will any funds be sent to the eligible candidates account. Please see Terms for more information.

What is the cut-off or closing date for disbursing the scholarship, each year?

Our intended award date is usually mentioned on the dashboard and can be seen once you register. The date is usually in the month of May each year.

Are there any other scholarships?

Yes. In addition to the scholarships provided by Meritlane, we do provide you with information on many other scholarships, which you can apply for directly. This can be seen from within the menu, once you are logged in.

Where can I get more information on the Grants and Crowd-funding options?

At the moment, those features are not available to our users. We will notify you, upon launch of those services.

How do I check eligibility for a loan?

Eligibility for our Merit Loans is based on various parameters in addition to the information we have already collected from you. Our financial partners may require additional information from a Co-signer for the loan, on family income, additional collateral requirements etc. Once you indicate interest in our Loan offering, we will have someone contact your parents to gather such additional information as required.

How is my GPA/CGPA calculated?

Depending on your program, when you run Uni-Match, we use your Grade 10 or Grade 12 marks to calculate your GPA, for us to be able to present 12 choices to you. Once you’ve subscribed, we collect your semester marks, to calculate your CGPA and fine-tune your Uni-Match results.

How can I add something into my portfolio?

Once you’ve subscribed to Inside Track, you will be able to see various categories under which you can make submissions. Each submission is verified, prior to award of points. Erroneous and false submissions will result in termination from the program. Please see Terms for more information.

Why do you collect the money in US Dollars?

Meritlane is operated by Meritlane Inc., a Delaware registered corporation based in Massachusetts, USA. Therefore all payments are made to Meritlane Inc, which will be the company that is reflected on your credit card/debit card statements.

Is there a reduced fee for late registrants?

No. There is one uniform fee for all subscribed users. Occasionally, we may offer specific promos or coupons with a discount for a batch of users. This is at our discretion and may not be available at all times.

My ranking seems to change often. Why is this happening?

There is probably a lot of activity among your peers, with some of them making submissions into their portfolios and racking up points with each such submission.